Games Rules

This is where the grown folks get to share their music and memories with the younger ones.

First divide into two groups, the grown or older family members vs. the younger ones. Or make two groups with people of all ages. Then, pick group names just to add to the fun. You will need at least one judge who is not playing (you can also have more than one judge, but make sure it's an odd number).

One person from the first group will pull a card, and both groups have to pick a song based on that same card and perform. The judge will decide the winner from that round (based on song selection and overall performance). Keep going until both groups have battled at least 3 times, and then declare a winner! 

If a card is pulled and the younger players are not familiar with the music or artists, it's time to teach them! Instead of competing in that round, only the older team will perform, and they will pick a song to school the younger players on how we did it back in the day.