If you love R&B and Hip Hop music from the 90's and 2000's, Kulture Karaoke is the game for you!

The themed music category cards will take you down a trip down to memory lane. From performing a song that reminds you of 'bae', to introducing your kids to your favorite 90's jams. Call your crew, boo, or kids, and make it a game night that will keep the good vibes flowing! 

A Must Have For Game Nights & Events!

  • Easy To Follow Instructions

    Connect to YouTube and start the fun FAST with a quick and simple set up.

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  • Over 150 Klassic R&B & Hip Hop Cards

    Including song categories like "Pick a song by a 90's R&B girl group" or "Biggie vs. Pac".

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  • Perfect for Small Gatherings & Party's

    Take your game night to a new level! Use it for song ideas or play it as a competition.

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How It Started...

Discover the story behind how founder and HBCU graduate, Dae Fenwick, created Kulture Karaoke.

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How It's Going...

Kulture Karaoke is now available at Target and has been featured on some of the top media outlets. We're bringing a whole vibe through throwback music and good laughs.

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